WenZhou DAOU Electrical Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994. we are one of standing directors of the household sanitary  goods sub-committee of the light industries association of China .And we are a professional manufacturer of electric vaporizers for mosquito killing series and other heater electrical appliance .

 Our management theory is people-oriented,winning with quality. Based on the domestic and foreign markets. Always adhere to the talent as a resource of enterprise may. Enthusiasm thoughtful, the customer sends in the management style.we make use of all kinds of profession equipments to develop the new product , and have passed the approval of CE. The products enjoy great prestige on the domestic and markets of various countries of Asia. Can satisfy the customer from the different countries.

 We have ample production space and big assembly lines. Our annual production capacity is more than 20million .our company not only has production capacity of the international level, but also design meticulously and make all kinds of products according to the customer 's need. As the domestic well-known brand company providing quality products, the products are sold to dozens of countries and regions have deep well, and be industrial association and brand company named "trust worthy outstanding supplier".

 We join in the draw up of national standard for Electric Vaporizers for mosquito killing.Which is confirmed the special thermo detector of electric liquid mosquito-repellent incense according to national standard. The association and the experts, is evaluated "technology innovation". This product become the leader of the industry.